Saturday, 29 October 2011

my first post :D

heyheyhey ♥
i'm ANIS SYAFIQAH..just call ANIS,.more easy :)
in 2011 i'm 16teen :D
next year i will be the SPM candidate. pray 4 me ♥ ♥
to all my beloved friends,thanx 4 being my friends :)

♥ please take note ♥
-I do not like their nose into my case . (PENYIBUK,be away from me)
-I do not like them to be copycats of what I do.
-I do not like those rude in speech
-I do not like those who pretend to be with me ♥
-I do not pay you to advise me so please do not show good to me

and please if you do not love me, please do not approach me ♥
thanx you :D

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